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1stSEOWeb can get your website ranked in that first page of results AND we can help you cash in on that traffic utilizing our targeted eCommerce tools. 85% of women buyers will not only take results in the first page as being equal or better than word of mouth referral and they are using their mobile devices to make purchases so we have made sure our sites are responsive and mobile ready. Call us today 570-369-5130 or click on over to
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1stSEOWeb Will Help You Rank and Sell to find out more about what we can do to help you cash in on eCommerce.Contact us today for a free consultation 570-269-5130

1stSEOWeb Will Point You to Success

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1stSEOWeb will Point You to Success

At 1stSEOWeb we will have you pointing to us for your success as we get your website ranked and your potential customers converting. Call us today for a free consultation and we’ll take a look at your site and your content to see where we can boost your performance. So give us a call today at 570-269-5130 and checkout what we can do for you ‪#‎SEO‬ #‎Search‬EngineOptimization ‪#‎1stSEOWeb‬

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Bethlehem Area SEO & Facebook Marketing1stSeoWeb serves the Bethlehem PA area with fully integrated SEO strategies for your business. Whether you’re a contractor or a professional, our knowledgeable professionals do the research that will significantly improve your ranking so you are more visible than your competition. We periodically review the search algorithms and adjust our analytics to document the improvement in your ranking. Also, we implement social media promotion on Facebook and other social networks locally with laser accuracy appropriate to your targeted demographics. We handle all of the on-page copywriting, link building, and programming to make it simple for you to understand. We are always ready to answer your questions and we confidently stand by our reputation for obtaining positive SEO results through extensive research to find the best keyword phrases that will consistently bring you greater website traffic. Visit 1stSeoWeb in Bethlehem today.

Beware When Searching for an SEO Company

Caution - Beware when Hiring as SEO CompanyWe’re not trying to sound like a broken record here, but lately we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of people and companies claiming they offer valuable search engine optimization. SEO is not for amateurs. Done right by experienced professionals, good SEO is worth every penny you pay for it. You can’t afford to pay over and over again for bad SEO from a newbie provider who just learned the latest trend from a Youtube video from some guru. It will cost you a lot of business and probably a lot more money in the long run when your rankings get wiped out by the latest google update.