SEO – See the Difference Experience and Listening Makes

Is your website a Money Maker or just another Expense?

Turn your site from a salt mine into a gold mine with Search Engine Optimization done the right way. We see it all the time, companies spending big money on SEO with little to NO improvement.

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We offer fully integrated SEO that fixes and integrates all aspects of your online presence: website design, graphics, written content, backlinks, keywords, hyperlocal/geo targeting, and more to realize optimal results. Optimize your business exposure today. Let us get you results with your local, regional, or national SEO needs.

1st Search Optimization has built its reputation in Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida by using comprehensive analytics and solid research data. Our knowledgeable professionals can really answer your questions about your website (WordPress or other) whether about keywords or about the visual impact of your graphics. With proven strategies we can propel your website or blog to the top ranking with all major search engines. We analyze and make recommendations then implement and document improvement in rankings. We periodically adjust to vital changes in search engine algorithms to consistently achieve SEO and business success.

We offer SEO, Website Design/Development, Social Media/Networking Services, Copywriting, Graphic, and Logo Design. A website is a significant investment in your business and it’s our business to make your website look and perform to its full potential. That requires real research, a step that most SEO companies simply skip. We analyze your individual site for its strengths and weaknesses. Businesses choose us because we get them ranked at the top of the search engines for their keywords. We get positive results by working both inside and outside your website and through social network sites. We tailor our optimization efforts to the specific needs of each business and website.  Our goal is to exceed every client’s expectations.

Tap into the enormous power generated by users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other Social Media sites to create a buzz for your business and keep it humming. Social media can accelerate your online presence with viral speed and efficiency. Our social posts, methods, and tools will automatically tie your SEO in with Social Networking for a powerful marketing punch.

Search Engine Optimization is a seriously competitive field which is constantly changing. In order to be effective, it has to evolve. Beyond the fundamentals, it requires proper configuring, continual adjustment,  periodic monitoring, and determined innovation. It takes years of experience and refined expertise to learn how to develop strategies that are compatible and effective with the major search engines. We constantly review their requirements and our techniques to achieve top rankings.

1st Seach Optimization built its reputation on the principles of integrity, honesty, reliable service, and results. We do the critical research that others simply skip and work to achieve measurable results for our clients. We continue to grow and innovate as search optimization and marketing trends change. We are constantly expanding our own diverse knowledge base to better serve our customers and help them gain a leading edge over their competition. The simple truth is that we succeed when we help you succeed.

Ask us about our clients’ sites and search engine rankings. And please contact us for all of your search engine optimization, social networking, and website related needs. Call us at 772-291-6024 or 570-269-5130 or email us at We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.