Bad SEO Warning Signs – Danger!

Bad SEO Warning Signs Do you receive persistent calls or emails trying to sell you SEO services? Do yourself a huge favor. Stop wasting time and money with so-called SEO companies. If the following things are all they know about SEO, their services are guaranteed to do nothing more than lighten your wallet.

Listen for these canned sales pitches.

  • “We see that you are not ranking for your keywords” or “We have a free ranking report for you.” This is the sign of a cold call or mass email. They have not done any research into your business, services, keywords, and areas. It’s like your doctor giving a diagnosis without examining you. Their “free” Ranking Report is worth exactly what you would pay. Nothing.
  • “You’re not ranking in your town for your keywords.” You are almost guaranteed to rank in your own town, but then you are missing out on all the potential customers you are not reaching from surrounding towns. This is particularly true if you live in an area with multiple, smaller cities or a rural area. Unless your business is in a very large city, you need to rank in other towns and cities as well. We rank you in every city and town in your service area.
  • “We guarantee you’ll rank in this service area” (generally a county or a certain mile radius). These are usually former phone book companies rebranded. They don’t do real SEO. They sell Adwords. They sell packages that have no real keyword research and zero custom tailored SEO.
  • “You have broken links on your site hurting your rankings.” The links on your site should be fixed for UX (User Experience), but this is generally inconsequential when it comes to your rankings unless it’s a glaring problem.

Danger! Warning Bad SEO SignsSEO is not like setting up a billboard or placing an ad in a publication. It requires real know how, research, tools, experience, and refinement over time to truly be effective.

The companies that tell you these things sell largely worthless SEO to small businesses for $100 to $300 a month. It has no real value in most cases because they have no idea what they’re doing and don’t know how to do the proper research and setup.

If you want results for the money you invest in SEO, consult with the SEO professionals at 1st SEO Web. We can get you the web visibility you want and the market presence you need.