eCommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEOAre you interested in eCommerce? Looking to start an online store? If you sell something, you should be. Last year over 18 billion dollars was spent in the Holiday Season alone. It’s one of the hottest things going right now, and it will only continue to grow at an astounding rate. With an eCommerce enabled website your site visitors or customers can purchase your products and pay you, even if it’s 2 in the morning and all your employees are sleeping. It works while you sleep. When you combine Search Engine Optimization or SEO with your website and eStore, people will find your site, and you’ll make more money. You can sell products or services to people in any country around the world even without employees or a real brick and mortar storefront.

1st Search Optimization is Northeast PA’s premier eCommerce search engine optimization and marketing company. We offer custom tailored SEO eCommerce solutions for any eCommerce engine you may use. We often focus on Oscommerce (OSC) and OscMax SEO services along with WordPress eCommerce services for clients. Due to our many years in the field and pioneering advances, we have the knowledge and experience to set up and direct your site to the proper channels. This will propel your eStore website and/or blog to the top of the major search engine’s. These efforts will include specially crafted and programmed shopping carts that are eCommerce friendly, user friendly, and also search engine friendly. We believe they’re all equally important. This is all based on measured results through our real search engine optimization and marketing expertise, knowledge and experience.

We configure and set up your regular web pages and your shopping cart pages to rank highly in the Search Engines for all of the products you sell. Search Engine Optimization is an ever evolving field, but as much as it changes the basics always stay the same. You have to know the search engines to be successful, and though they continually adapt, they don’t change all that much. The SEO basics are simple in nature. Implementing them correctly can be quite complicated due to the fast pace of changes and takes experience and expertise. eCommerce without proper Search Engine Optimization is not a friendly game to those who don’t know what they’re doing.

Take a look at our site and our clients sites and search engine rankings. Then contact us for any of your eCommerce and search engine optimization needs. We’ll be glad to assist you in your online efforts.