The Window Station

Today we would like to pay our respects to Alex Vinokurov of the Window Station who recently passed away. Alex was a dedicated businessman and friend of ours. He will be missed. He was always available to get us the information we needed to promote their business and always entertaining and personable during the process often griping about many of the bureaucratic annoyances that went on in the San Francisco area while trying to do something as simple as installing and replacing windows to improve clients homes and businesses. Alex was the one who handled the estimates on windows and doors for clients projects so he was well versed in the process.

Alex was the senior partner at the Window Station in San Francisco as well as a devoted husband and father in the Napa Valley. He was originally from the Ukraine under the then USSR. Though not an American by birth he was a true American in spirit and character. Often many of the people who emigrate to the United States appreciate it more than those born here who haven’t experienced the lack of freedoms and bountifulness in other nations of the world.

Right now Igor has taken over the responsibilities that were carried out day to day by Alex. We want to wish our sincere condolences and warmest wishes to the Vinokurov family and employees of the San Francisco Window Station. We know that this is a tough time for all involved and that Alex will be greatly missed by all including us here at 1st Search Optimization. We continue to promote the business online to benefit the remaining partners and family members in their windows & door installation business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank-you to our friend. You will be missed.

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